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Sally Forcier

Producer / Casting Director

Consulting Services

Sally has been instrumental in helping literally hundreds of actors & models of all ages get started with their professional careers in northern California, as well as LA.  Sally's goal, as a consultant, is to provide direction to new and existing talent and help them obtain the best jobs available in the northern California.  Her expertise stems from real world experience and insight from the the clients perspective.  Who else can shed light on what the clients are looking for and want in your photos, resume and auditions skills?  Sally has provided the answers that talent needs to further their career and ultimately achieve their goals.



Casting / Producing


Her casting credits stem from big to small project in Commercials, Print, TV, Feature Films and Voiceovers. Forcier Casting's database consists of talent of all ages and ethnicities with varying degrees of experience. We have 100s of actors successfully working and a handful of amazing success stories. Our objective at Forcier Casting is to provide an array of talent to meet your casting needs. We strive to assist in making your project the best it can be, by providing talent with all levels of experience. Sacramento is home to wonderfully talented actors and models and Forcier Casting is at the heart of that talent!


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