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We no longer place casting notices on this page due to time constraints and always start with our registered talent and database.

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Information and photos:

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Casting Process :

We pull talent from our database for our castings and periodically email our talent of upcoming projects. To be placed on this list you should be sure you are registered with Forcier Casting. If you are already registered but have not recieved any emails please contact us to confirm we have the correct email address.





  • BallBuster SAG Feature Film; casting 45 Principal roles, 50 featured extras, 500 extras in Sacramento
  • Facebook Business Commercial
  • YAMAHA commercial


Feature Films:

  • APPARITON - casting over 200 talent for principle, day players, stand ins and extras!
  • Casting over 35 Principal roles and over 400 extras: *"Notorious Nick"*


Lionsgate to release theatrically April 26, 2018

Here's a "way to go!" to the talent who were recently cast on the following projects:

STRANDED known now as: "TRAFFIK"- Feature SAG Film, starring Paula Patton and Omar Epps

  • Jason Aldean
  • Logas Roadhouse
  • Muir Glen Organics
  • Dreamworks Studios
  • Sacramento Kings
  • California State Fair
  • Walmart
  • Von Housen Mercedes
  • Craneboard Siding
  • Old Republic Tile
  • Denios and Recycling centers

Beyond the still - Freddie Olmos, Thunder Valley - to all 35 talent that worked on this project, thank you so much!

Keep it up!   We really appreciate your professionalism!




Also, just a friendly reminder...


During the casting process, clients will offer feedback and the most often complaint is that the talent  "seemed green."  This really is really disheartening and creates more work for us to please the client by providing additional talent for their consideration.  Please know, you must stay fresh and in training no matter what you skill level.  We all get rusty and the bottom line is, if you look good - we look good.  If not, well... you know the drill.  We strive to get you work, so help us help you!!


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