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Why do I need to register if I am signed with an Agent?


As a Casting Director, we get requests from clients to submit talent for consideration.


If this happens to be 8pm on a weeknight or on the weekend, how can we submit you if you are not in our database?


No worries, we will always use your agent.  There is no benefit for us to work with a represented talent directly.  Agents are very helpful to us as well as you, the talent, in the casting process.


Registering with Casting Directors will only help you to be sure you are considered for every possible piece of work that might be a fit for you.  Unfortunately, in not registering with us, you may be overlooked in job opportunities.


Sally Forcier


Do's and Don'ts of the biz...the proper etiquette of business is often overlooked.  Here are a few tips for those of you that may be new to the industry. We hope it helps.


Do: come prepared with headshots and resume's ALWAYS!


Do: be on time!


Do: follow direction


Do: always follow through and keep your commitment (never cancel on one job for a better job... very unprofessional and word gets around)


Do: be sure you fill out proper paperwork for payment at the shoot or plan to send invoice directly to client (if not working through an agent).


Do: communicate with Assistant Directors when you need to leave set for anything...be accountable.


Do: bring a current original work permit for under age talent.


Do: bring a book or something to work on when booked on shoot.


Don't: bring more than one person with you if you are a minor talent.  Otherwise, adult talent should not bring anyone else into auditions as space is usually limited.


Don't: talk about money on the set, EVER! (especially to other talent... not cool)




Don't:  bad mouth any one at any time... you never know who you may be talking about or to (producers or directors  son/daughter/friend, etc...) and it just makes you look unprofessional!


Don't: burn any bridges (it is like they say, its about who you know). 


Don't: be difficult to work with (we want to work with talent that is low maintenance)


Don't: talk to famous talent or directors/producers unless talked to first, while on a set.  You never know if they are in concentration mode and you don't want to be a nuisance.


Don't:  talk on cell phones or leave the set unless given permission.  Nothing worse than being yelled at for that... yikes.  Turn off the phone... no vibrate either..


Overall, just be easy to work with, fun and professional and you will build a great  reputation for yourself.  We hear about everything that occurs on the set....good and bad.


We want to see you work...


Have fun!!! 


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