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Teleprompter -

Ear Prompter






Instructor: Sally Forcier


This class will help you understand how to work with the teleprompter and ear prompter for industrial / educational videos or long monologue/scene auditions.  We will have hands on training inside a studio with a teleprompter with heavy dialogue. You will learn to work through the read in a conversational manner. You must provide your own ear prompter.  You can obtain one for as little as $30 at any Staples.


This class is designed for the actor who has had some experience or training and is ready to take it to the next level.


DVD included for your reel.

Time: 10am - 3 pm

Cost: $350


10am -3:00 = NMV,

11300 Coloma Rd Ste b14, Gold River 95670


Voice Over Demo Service


Forcier Casting provides Voice Over Demo Service for talent who are interested in working on radio and television commercials in addition to special projects.


Voice over castings are handled in a completely different manner than commercial castings.  Voice Over castings require a Demo CD sampling of the talent's range with different voices (narration, character, animation, etc.).  Typically, the client will request demo Cds from forcier casting (and we have a limited number to offer in our catalog) and make a decision from our catalog.


If you wish to be included for this type of work, you must have a demo CD "resume" in our catalog.  We now offer a service to help you obtain a strong demo CD at an affordable cost.


Our service includes a one hour private coaching session that will cover 4-5 different spots and voices, a recording session, final editing and your demo CD. Multiple copies can be purchased for an additional, nominal cost.


For more information email forcier casting or purchase and you will be contacted to set up an appointment.

Time: reservation needed
Cost: $295

Location: in Gold River (aka Rancho Cordova)

NVM Inc. Studios

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11300 Coloma Road

Suite B-14

Gold River, CA 95670

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