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On Camera

Audition Skills!


Teen/Adult Classes



July 10, 2010 Saturday





Instructor: Casting Director / TV Director, Sally Forcier


This workshop is designed to introduce and refresh your ON CAMERA AUDITION skills.

We all know the frustration of auditioning and rarely getting the job. 

With some simply tips and tricks you can increase your booking ratio.

This affordable workshop will take you behind the "curtain" and understand, from a Casting directors perspective why you havent been booking and how you can turn that around.


Whether you have had some training or not, this workshop takes each talent to the next level and keeps them fresh and ready to audition!  We cover all the different types of auditions you will encounter for commercial, film and print.


Don't let too much time pass with out training by a professional.  As a casting director, I see talent just not prepared and I find it a shame. Remember, you just never know when the phone will ring for the next national commercial!!!


Sally Forcier, Casting Director, focuses on training how to have fun with the audition process, come out of your shell and know what types of auditions to expect so your confidence is the best it can be.


Teen / Adults: 13+

Time: 11:00a - 4:30pm


Cost for one session:  $75 in Adv $85 at the door




11300 Coloma Rd Ste B14

Rancho Cordova 95670


Improv 101 A


101A ~ TBD


6 Thursdays!



IMPROV is the Foundation to all Acting Skills!


Every talent should not only study IMPROV but Master it!


Instructor: Dennis Glasco


This workshop is a weekly workshop intended to dramatically improve and hone your improvisational skills.


Note:  Each Improv workshop will have a strict evaluation at the end of the session and your progress must be approved to move on to Improv 101B


Dennis will give an honest assessment of where you need to concentrate your efforts to help you improve your improv technique.  Our goal is to make you the most skilled improv actor possible.


This class has received rave reviews!!  Here is one of many...


"I was terrified of Improvs then Sally told me THAT is why I needed to study Improv.  After taking Dennis' class, not only was I NOT afraid of IMPROV any longer... But I LOVED it!!"


Anne Marie,

- El Dorado Hills



Time: 6:30 - 9:00,

6 Thursdays
Cost: $215

Location: in Gold River (aka Rancho Cordova)

NVM Inc. Studios

   (click for directions)

11300 Coloma Road

Suite B-14

Gold River, CA 95670






Teleprompter & Ear Prompter



Date :






Instructor: Sally Forcier


This class will help you understand how to work with the teleprompter for industrial / educational videos or long monologue/scene auditions.  We will have hands on training inside a studio with a teleprompter with heavy dialogue. You will learn to work through the read in a conversational manner.


This class is designed for the actor who has had some experience or training and is ready to take it to the next level.



Read what other students have said about this class:

"Sally's teleprompter/ear prompter class was so worthwhile and practical. Because she's a talent herself, a casting director, teacher, and producer/director, she has extraordinarily valuable perspective and gives it quickly, generously. A perfect class."  

Linda Fischer, Bay area Actor


"Dear Sally,
Wow! I am blown away by how much I learned in your Introduction to Teleprompter/ Earprompter Workshop. I came into the class thinking I would not be able to do very well since I didn't even have a clue what a teleprompter looked like or what was meant by an earprompter. You were organized and always ready to answer our questions and concerns.
You gently took us from being quite lost, to having a good understanding of not only how this process works, but how to do it. I was especially impressed with the way you started out with the simplest of scripts so we could concentrate more on working with the teleprompter. As we got more comfortable, you gave us longer copy to play with. The increase in the degree of challenge was perfect. On top of that, actually being able to operate the equipment ourselves, gave us some hard to find, behind-the-scene experience.
When it came to working with the earprompter, you gave us great direction and tips ahead of time, that I found to be priceless. Watching ourselves in the playbacks was really good too. I highly recommend this class AND, I recommend you as instructor hands down.
with warm regards,
Joei Heart, Sacramento Actor


Time: 11am-3 pm

Cost: $225/$250 at door (space is limited)


NMV, Inc.

11300 Coloma Rd Ste B-14, Gold River 95670







Young Performers

Workshop -

"Kids Acting On Camera"





July 24th, Saturday




Instructor: Casting Director, Sally Forcier


This workshop is to educate your young performer about how to have a fun in front of the camera and understand the audition process.


Each child will learn what the audition process is all about, why we put them on camera and how to be in front of the camera.  This enhances the child and parents experience with the audition process.


We will also discuss with the parent a bit about the audition skills your children are taught so the parent and child can learn to work with one another effectively, creating a team work relationship when it comes to auditioning.


Sally will teach from a Casting Directors perspective and teach both child and parent how to stand out in a crowd!!


To RSVP, simply register to the right or email any questions to:







5-7 yr olds ~


8-12 yr olds ~



Cost: $45/ $60 at the door



11300 Coloma Rd

Suite B 14

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670




Advanced On Camera Audition Techniquee


Teens & Adults


Date: TBD

Instructors: Sally Forcier


This is a great Advanced workshop for those experienced talent who are looking to refresh and improve their skill set and confidence, for those who are looking to work in Commercials and Film.  Must have had a  prior On Camera Technique training.


This is an extremely helpful workshop.  We will cover numerous audition techniques, scene study and skills for all the various types of auditions.



10:00am - 2:00pm
Cost: $85 / $95 at door



11300 Coloma Rd

Ste B -14

Gold River CA 95670


            Forcier Casting   916.769.4233

Sacramento, California