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Please read and follow carefully!

Make Sure You Are Fully Registered or you may miss out of potential work!!!!

Most castings are not posted on our site because they are time sensitive. So be sure that you are fully registered with us. We want you to work as much and often as possible!!!

If you are a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) or AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) union member, click here.

Thank you for considering registering with Forcier Casting. Please understand by registering this will place you in our database that we use to send talent to Advertising Agencies and Production companies that are looking to hire talent. We do not take a commission from the end client or from any work that you book or that we get for you. We, like you, get paid from the client directly for our services in Casting, like you do for your services as talent.

The registration fee is a "processing" fee and also covers maintenance on our database and is a onetime fee only.

Registration is a two-step process. First, we require that you pay $35 to register. Next, you will be directed to the registration page. So, please click the "register" button on the right and you will be taken to the payment section. You can either pay with a paypal account, or use a credit card (lower left part of page) and following successful payment, to the registration form. Please be ready to upload up to 2 photos and they MUST BE SMALL. Photos should be 550 pixels wide or smaller.

Once you are registered with us, you will be added to our email list which means you will receive an email contact from our office periodically regarding upcoming castings or events. Keep in mind, most of our castings will be handled in house, meaning we are still submitting you without us contacting you. We will submit your photo to clients upon their request and they will tell us if they would like to see you or book you. If you wish to not be added to the email list please contact us via email to be removed.

Don't Forget!! After your registration with Forcier Casting, we will count on you to submit, via email, any changes of contact information and/or updated photos (especially children). We will always count on your profile within our database to be accurate unless we hear from you. For most castings, we will submit your photo to the client for consideration and you will not hear from us unless you have been booked or requested to audition.

If you don't have a credit card or a paypal account, please contact forcier casting via email and arrangements can be made to complete your registration.

Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you!!

~~ Sally Forcier

$35 one time processing fee.

**PHOTOS must be small in order to upload in our database...



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