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Tyree Brown

"My kids started classes with Sally at a very young age and she is the one who showed them how to audition and be themselves in front of a camera. She works so great with the kids and they learn so much from her. If you are looking for a place to advance your skills or are new to the industry, Sally is the woman to talk to! My daughter started booking jobs soon after her classes and my son is now on the hit series NBC show "Parenthood" as a series regular! Thanks Sally for all your hard work and dedication! You're the best!"

Renee Brown
(mother of Mackenzie and Tyree Brown)

"I met Sally Forcier on the set of my first independent film a few years ago.  I was an aspiring actor with no direction: a NIKE catalog print job and a high school play was all I had on my resume.  I had no idea what kind of blessing I had received when I met such remarkable and knowledgeable casting director.


After the film wrapped, I made an appointment for a consultation with Sally.  The amount of information she gave me in just 60 minutes was incredible.  She answered so many questions like: What's the difference between a casting director and an agent and why do I need both? Who is this "local" school calling and why do they want me to give them lots of my hard earned dollars to make me famous? And, what kind of training do I need to succeed?  Sally answered all my questions and helped give me direction and focus toward achieving my acting goals.


I took several of her On-Camera workshops with her team of professionals who are not just coaches, but actor's who are currently working in the business.  Dennis Glasco is phenomenal!  It was an honor to get training from someone you see on TV!


Since working with Sally and her fantastic team, I have agents in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  I have been in 4 major feature length films, 2 of which I was cast as a principal character, became a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), acted in 3 national commercials as a principal as well as dozens of local commercials, been on the E! Channel, and have done numerous voice-overs for Lucasfilm Ltd.


I would have never imagined that a guy like me from Sacramento would get share face time and be in movies with talents such as: Ben Affleck, Alisha Keyes, Andy Garcia, Common, Ray Liotta, and Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few.  Thank you Sally Forcier and Forcier Casting for helping make my dreams come true!"


Chris Holley


Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles




It all a started with the planting of a seed by a friend of mine.  He had been in the industry a couple of years at the time, and working on All My Children in New York.  While visiting him in NYC, we were in his apartment one day running his lines.  He was impressed with my read and highly suggested that I get into the industry.

After sitting on this for a few years, my mind was finally made up to give it a shot!  What's there to lose, right?  I went through the phonebook and was looking for anyone who could guide me in the Sacramento market.  I found Sally Forcier.  I booked a consultation (which is fantastic), registered with Forcier Casting, and then was receiving emails for castings immediately.  With in a few days of my registering with Forcier Casting, I received an email for an audition for an Independent Film.  My first thoughts were filled hopes of just being able to just walk across the street as an extra. Who would of thought that I would end up booking the Male Lead at my first audition!  Needless to say I was hooked!

So here I am 6 years in the industry, 50 plus commercials as principal, numerous Print ads, Co-Star, and Starring roles in television, and a Film resume that's just getting longer and longer!

The success I've achieved so far can only be attributed one thing.  That's hard work, and dedication.  Working on my craft is very important to me, so I dedicate at least 3 hours a day to my study.  I'm currently studying under Diana Castle  (Imagined Life Studio) in LA, as well as working between Northern/Southern California markets.

Anyone can work in this industry....how bad do you want it?  The only thing that will separate you, from your competitors, is who will come prepared the most.  I like to come prepared.


Shawn Romias, Actor

LA and Sacramento





"Sally gave us the tools and direction we needed to launch Aubrey into print, commercial, TV and film. Since we met her 12 months ago, Aubrey started getting the training to equip him for auditions and acting technique.  Then Aubrey preceded to gain so much experience and work, including recently, a major role in a full length feature film that was shot locally, as a character named "Tommy," in Something in the Clearing (with actor Luke Goss). 


Aubrey is currently staring in a web based video game entitled Strange Adventures and he is the star of Episode 3, "Danny Bowles."  Episode 1 was nominated for an Emmy!  Aubrey's episode began April 30, 2006.


The private consultation and classes that Sally offers will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be successful in this business, not just in Northern California--but anywhere!"


Jennae Harwell (mother of Aubrey)

Sacramento, CA





Sally is one of the most dedicated professionals at getting her students prepared for a career in front of the camera. She has a keen eye for talent and a gift for bringing out an actor's self confidence and strength. It means a great deal in this industry to have someone on your side who is truly knowledgeable and cares. Thank you, Sally, for starting me down the road to a successful career in film and television.


Mike Begovich


Los Angeles, CA






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