Signing up for one of our many courses is simple. Simply find the course you are interested in, click on the schedule now link and you will be able to prepay for your course. Once you have prepaid we will email you to confirm you are enrolled. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Self Tape Services

Self Tape Techniques – Learn how to film the right way

Castings are now taking SELF TAPE submissions more and more often. In this class you will have hands on direction of HOW to self tape and WHAT not to do, including the set up of your shot and how to prepare. This is CRITICAL to all working actors! Don’t miss out on a booking because you didn’t learn how to make YOUR self tape stand out!

Assisted Self Taped Auditions – Let us help you

$45 – 30 min (Record and Tape only – not much time for coaching)

$75 – 60 min (allows more time to help coach you during your session)

$25 – Edit/Upload service (this is available only if you need us to edit and upload for you, NOT mandatory.)

Business of Show Business

Business of Show Business for all ages!

You don’t know what You Don’t know.. Let me teach what you should know in this business. Learn about talent agents, how to avoid scams & succeed, headshots, resumes, the audition process, networking and more!! Receive mailing lists and information. This session will set you on a clear path of how to succeed in the this business.

Private Coaching

Get individualized training, tailored to your project!

Private coaching for monologues, on camera audition technique, script analysis for commercial, voice-over or film. These sessions are based on YOUR training/coaching needs. We offer several options for payment to best suit your budget and coaching needs.

1 hour: $90/hour

4 sessions for $320 ($80/hour)

Advanced Talent Program

Plan to be an ADVANCED Actor? This is for you, the serious, dedicated actor in training.. or the Actor who wants that on going Mentorship!  The total program costs $1,680 ($70/hour) and includes advanced talent coaching, PLUS PERKS such as; 1 30-Minute Self tape service and 1 Business coaching session and an ON SET experience.

Or please email us to discuss your plan.

Private consultations are available for talent, both actors & models of all ages

Whether you are just getting started or you who need direction in getting an agent and promoting yourself. In your consultation, we discuss the industry and how you can set and achieve your goals. We send you home with mailing lists and the steps to achieving your goals. Most importantly, you will receive accurate information on where you fit into the business in the Sacramento/Northern California area and learn HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESS! ($65/hour)